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Your Web Value, Our Creative Goal

Truth Web Media designs and supports flexible solutions according to real business needs. We analyze the potential of your company relatively to the market dynamics, elaborating a strategic plan in accordance with the commercial and communicative goals. We design and implement tools that add value and provide a new perspective on your company, providing you with the expertise and training in the use of our services, with responsibility and reliability.


We design the digital status of your company, implementing and supporting content management services and high quality user experience. We start plotting together the concept, then continue to the implementation utilizing our expertise, and we keep supporting you technically (ex. renewal) and counseling after completion in order to provide you with all of the benefits.

Our services are made in pursuit of the objectives and highlight the philosophy of your company, utilizing a wide range of solutions, from the main implementation and support services ( eg, CMS, e-commerce), to the custody of your corporate presence on social networks and the web.


We create services and applications for mobile devices (mobile, tablets) and build separate versions of network services adjusted to touchscreens. Designing with light ease of use and intuitive access clients and the public to content and products, providing updated content and reliable support, we implement applications with quality durability.

Digital Marketing

We methodically devise a strategy that will empower your company at the digital market sector. We are specialized in promoting your brand at the social networks and utilizing proven practices positioning your product or service on the web (eg news letters, google adds). Our approach is based on establishing long term relationships and communication with the public, thus combining the effective marketing with respect to the customer and the prestige of your company.


We provide you with the necessary training in order to give you the biggest benefit of our services, advising you on the best practices and the way to optimize your strategy and your methodology at the digital market. Moreover, we disseminate our expertise required to use the most modern and reliable tools of the online marketing, support web applications and social networks and the production and renewal of a valid and worthwhile content.


We offer additional specialized services and the most reliable technologies for the management of databases (eg MySQL, PostgreSQL). We also offer portals and CMSs (eg Droopal, Joomla), for the development of services and applications for touch screen devices (eg Android, iOS), web services with high interactive features (Flash, HTML5) and demanding streaming audio and video applications (eg web radio, web TV). Our own experience and our partners’ in supporting systems, ensure stable and reliable operation of your web services and applications.