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Πληροφορίες - Χαρακτηριστικά is the official tourist promotion portal of the North Aegean Region for the prefecture of Chios, one of the most beautiful islands in the North Aegean. is a modern and informative tourist guide that aspires to answer the question "What's interesting to see and do in Chios?" and help every visitor learn about the history, the natural landscape, the traditions but also special elements such as mastic, seamanship and the volcanic beaches that make the island of Chios a unique place.

Through the tour, the visitor is digitally guided to a large amount of information with hundreds of photos from every corner of the island, allowing them to navigate in many different thematic sections in an easy and modern way that gains their attention and ensures their stay in the website.

The ultimate goal of is to inform and finally get the visitor to know Chios; this hidden treasure of the Aegean!

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